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Clear Dental Braces for Teens in Rockford, IL

Traditional dental braces might be one of the biggest sources of frustration for teenagers. If your teenager has misaligned teeth that could benefit from being straightened, they might be trying to weigh the pros and cons of having a straight, perfectly aligned mouth, or not having to put up with clunky metal hardware.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution thanks to new straightening methods. Now, most teenagers and adults alike can benefit from clear dental braces. Clear dental braces fit almost like a mouthguard, covering the entire upper or lower line of teeth. Made of clear material, most people won’t even be able to tell that your child is wearing braces.

While clear braces do raise some additional considerations that traditional braces don’t, the aesthetics and convenience of clear braces make them the preferred choice over traditional metal braces.

Are Clear Dental Braces the Right Choice For My Teen?

Clear braces can be the right solution for a variety of circumstances. They are suitable for mild and moderate misalignment cases and depending on your teen’s situation, you may only need to purchase an upper or lower set. The price of clear dental braces will range depending on whether your teen requires one or both sets, and the complexity of their alignment situation.

The alignment of their teeth will also determine how many adjustment visits they will need to make, but most treatment plans will include a minimum of two to three adjustments. During adjustment visits, your teen will have a new tray made to continue the straightening process.

Some of the key perks of clear dental braces include the aesthetic, however, another perk is that your child has the ability to remove the tray to eat the foods they love. They can also remove the tray for brushing to ensure that they’re maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

If you are interested in straightening your teen’s teeth without wires or brackets, contact Rockford Braces today to learn more about clear dental braces for teens in Rockford.


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