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Dental Retainers in Rockford, IL

A dental retainer is given to patients following a very exciting day: the removal of their braces! Although braces are considered the best option for straightening a person’s teeth, the job isn’t done. Once your braces are removed, you’ll be given a dental retainer that should be worn at night. This will ensure that your straight teeth remain in perfect alignment for years to come.

Not wearing your dental retainer can result in your teeth slowly moving back out of alignment. This is especially true for patients who waited until later in life to have their braces placed. Children who had their braces placed at a young age will have less trouble maintaining their straight smile because the bones in their jaw were still growing and forming while their braces were installed.

It’s very important that people of all ages wear their dental retainer when they are provided with one. Not wearing it means that the months spent wearing braces will be reversed, sometimes very suddenly. Patients are advised to bring their retainer with them when traveling as well. You should get into the habit of wearing your retainer each and every night, just like you’re in the habit of brushing your teeth before bed.

Your retainer will be molded to fit your new smile perfectly. This means that it should slide onto your teeth comfortably and feel like it’s held in place well throughout the night. If you stop wearing your retainer for a while and then try to use it again, you’ll likely feel discomfort because your teeth have already started to shift out of alignment a bit. Your retainer will hold them where they should be.

For the best experience and the best results, you should wear your retainer every night. Skipping it can lead to bad habits and misaligned teeth once again. For more information on Dental Retainers in Rockford, contact Rockford Braces today and schedule an appointment with our orthodontists.


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