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Emergency Ortho Care in Rockford, IL

When an orthodontic emergency happens, the last thing you want to do is wait around for an appointment that could be hours or even days out. That’s why we offer emergency orthodontic services to help you or your loved one recover from any mishap they’ve faced, whether that’s loose or broken braces or some other issue.

Our caring staff can get you seen right away by one of our professional orthodontists so that your braces can be repaired, and you can get back to your lifestyle.

In most cases, loose or broken braces can be handled in a follow-up visit, which we can schedule for you as soon as convenient for you. However, instances of trauma that are more urgent will typically warrant an immediate visit to the dental office so that we can help you avoid pain or injury.

For an after-hours emergency, please call our office for instructions on how to proceed. Alternatively, if you have an urgent case that you would like handled within the next day or two, we can also schedule you in during normal business hours by finding an appointment that can get you in and out of our office quickly, and without allowing your orthodontics emergency to disrupt your day-to-day lifestyle for too long.

Don’t allow orthodontic emergencies to cause you unnecessary pain and discomfort, contact our office for emergency orthodontic care in Rockford.


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